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Welcome to AJUMARK.

Publishing literary works and arts.


© Getty and white dulux dog, by Gertrude Badejo

Ajumark is Gertrude Badejo's creative enterprise

The  brand name Ajumark is

 synonymous with Ajumark Publications.

© Getty profile photoe 1, by Gertrude Badejo

Gertrude Badejo, writer & self publisher

She is a lady of varying skills -  a  lawyer, then  business development manager at a local government.  She was a school governor and a board member on two housing associations.   

She is a poet, illustrator and hold knowledge of curating via the V&A short course.  

Her Legal Research Service is coming soon. 

© Getty and children at  book launch, by Gertrude Badejo

Ajumark Publications do books

This is the publishing vehicle with which Gertrude, author brings originality, literary flair, illustration and business insight to the world of books.

Still there are  artworks, devotion on CD, and sewing works as an artistic expression.  

Watch out for curatorial exhibition!


© Getty with older learners, by Gertrude Badejo

Literary works, original arts, speaking engagements

We take your 

Reading and Motivation  ​
Quite Seriously
​Because there is more in you!

Love Ajumark,  Love Getty's Books.

© Getty at school reciting poetry, by Gertrude Badejo

Ajumark Publication is altogether lovely ...

By seeking to inform, inspire, entertain and enhance the lives of our supporters.

Here there are writings geared towards:

· Children’s World (discover juvenile literature, gospels, citizenship)

· Adults  (inspirational CD, essays, poems, photo-books)

· Exhibition (enjoy beautiful art pieces with cultural themes)

· Events Inspired (invite Getty to lead on  a speaking engagement)

© Fox an illustration by Gertrude Badejo

Sharing beauty with you

Ajumark books, poems, audio and arts are tirelessly developed by Gertrude with you in mind.   Little words are made precious  on paper and still pictures speak volumes.  Imagine that alluring African voice with rhythmic intonation on the audio player.

More so she seeks to make culturally diverse work  that is an honest representation of her African roots.

Buy directly from online Ajumark Store to show your support for her work.

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The Home Studio is based near Honor Oak Station, Forest Hill, London.  

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